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More on Our Products

 Product Use

Simply Natural does not use additives or chemicals, such as flow regulators,which are known to cause chronic illness.  This does mean that products are inclined to get lumpy when exposed to moisture.  It is therefore recommended to keep lids tightly closed - and if possible, to decant weekly amounts into a separate container for daily use, thereby allowing the bulk of the powders to remain sealed for longer.  If a product does go hard, there is no harm in using a mallet to crush lumps or even running it through a coffee grinder. 

Please Recycle!

recycle 100x100pxWherever possible, we encourage recycling.  We only use recyclable plastic and glass in our products.  We also ensure to source our products ethically and responsibly -and aim to have a very small carbon footprint in our production.


Product Safety & Reasonable Precautions

  • Reasonable caution must be exercised if there are any known allergies to any of the ingredients listed on our products.  It is advised to seek medical help if any self-treated condition continues to worsen, or does not improve over a period of time. 
  • Professional medical help must take precedence over self-help in cases that constitute a medical emergency, including but not limited to breathing obstruction, excessive blood loss or severe trauma. 
  • Provided no allergies to ingredients exist, you may administer the appropriate remedy whilst seeking medical assistance.  For example:  severe allergic reaction to insect bites or stings causing breathing difficulty, snake bites, severe trauma, massive injuries or bite wounds, etc.   

Except where expressly stated, all the Homeopathic First Aid Remedies are safe to use for adults, seniors, children and babies, as well as pets, livestock, wildlife, exotic pets, reptiles, birds, rodents and rabbits. 

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