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Injury Remedy

For a NON-DRUG alternative to every day pain relief!

Have you ever wanted to avoid using conventional anti-inflammatories with their known side-effects and risk of gastric ulcerations?

Simply Natural’s Homeopathic Injury Remedy is one of our very best sellers.  This is our “go-to” pain relief solution for any injury at all, whether the skin is broken or not.  It is especially useful for pain relief after surgery, nerve pain as with sciatica, crushed fingers, spinal cord injuries, puncture wounds and grazes.  

Used with equal success in humans and animals, the Injury Remedy is a must have pain-reliever for any first aid kit. 

What to do….

Dose as often as required for pain relief.  There is no risk of over-dosage.  Every 5 to 15 minutes at first, for both human and animal.  For post-operative relief, dose at least 3 times daily. It can be continued for long periods in cases that require it, such as spinal injury cases 

What else can you use it for?

It is also very useful for non-specific malaise or just plain not well feeling.  If your child, or pet, or even you feel achy and miserable, a few doses of injury remedy can often put you right again.  Old, weak hearts, that just generally make you feel bruised and without energy, also respond well to injury remedy. It is the most gentle and effective “make it better muti” for little ones and their friends, who are often bumping themselves, falling over, or in the wars. 


If you have a tendency to bleed easily, it is best not to use before surgery; however, it is very effective after injury or post-surgery, even if you bleed or bruise easily. 

Where can I get it?

Purchase online, or at selected outlets.  Please visit the Simply Natural website or more information.

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