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For an easier transition to RAW …and MORE

Simply Natural Nutribiotic

Have you ever wondered where “cravings” come from?  Why you might fill up on a whole bowl of fruit, but still need that slice of bread to feel satisfied?  It’s quite simple and also quite fascinating. 

sn nutribioticOur bodies act as hosts for gut bacteria.  By way of example, if we eat a lot of bread, we will grow bacteria that thrive on bread.  Should we then decide to stop eating bread, those bacteria will panic and send the appropriate chemicals to create “cravings”, intended to make us eat more bread.  (That is why dieting is often so hard.  It’s not just about willpower – it’s all-out chemical warfare!)  

Our animal friends are much the same and when we switch them from one food to another, they are sometimes not physically or mentally ready for the change.  If we switch our cats or dogs from kibble to RAW, they often do not have the right amount and type of gut bacteria to properly digest the uncooked food – and they might not even recognise raw food as food at all!

What to do?

When switching from kibble or cooked to RAW, we recommend use of Nutribiotic for at least 4 weeks for healthy animals and at least 3 months for animals with compromised health.

Nutribiotic, for cats and dogs, introduces the appropriate gut bacteria to help facilitate the transition to RAW.    These bacteria help to digest the raw food – and also release chemicals to enhance their bodies’ acceptance and need for RAW.  It is not just a probiotic though. It also contains nutrients that heal the gut lining and provide the best possible foundation for the probiotic “seeds” to grow in. Just like in a garden you must prepare the seed beds, plant the seeds and then feed and water them to grow. Nutribiotic acts like a weed, seed, feed program for the gut garden.

What else can you use it for?

Nutribiotic is also very effective as a treatment for any tummy upsets, chronic diarrhoea  and inflammatory bowel disease.  

Where can I get it?           

Purchase online, or at selected outlets.

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